Restaurant Charcoal 12kg - Premium Grade Lumpwood for that authentic BBQ taste

  • CPL Restaurant Grade Charcoal Bag
  • Lumpwood Charcoal
  • CPL Restaurant Grade Charcoal Bag
CPL Restaurant Grade Charcoal Bag
Lumpwood Charcoal
CPL Restaurant Grade Charcoal Bag
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Order premium quality, restaurant grade lumpwood charcoal for that authentic BBQ taste.

This excellent charcoal is produced in larger chunks so that it is ideal for use on a wide range of bbq's from the typical garden barbecue to larger, professional grilling and BBQ equipment. Made from lumpwood charcoal, these pieces burn hotter and for longer than ordinary charcoal and are popular with restaurant professionals and garden chefs alike.

CPL Restaurant Charcoal produces a high and stable heat for long periods of time, enabling you to create the perfect BBQ or grilled food. Restaurant charcoal is extremely popular in exotic cooking as it gives you perfectly flavoursome results.

Order your CPL Restaurant Charcoal today and see the difference.

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From order_360749 on 17th April 2015
I got bored of buying supermarket charcoal to find the bags were full of small pieces/slag that were falling down through my cooking grate before heating. I popped along to my local CPL in Ilkeston and purchased 2 bags of the Restaraunt Grade Lumpwood. I opened the bag, the pieces are at a minimum the size of a large clenched fist. Some pieces were as big as a small childs head! Amazing! Burns hot and clean. I will never buy lumpwood from anywhere else other than CPL now!

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Restaurant Charcoal 12kg - Premium Grade Lumpwood for that authentic BBQ taste
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