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How to use Pro-Grow Multi-Purpose Peat Free Compost

How to use Pro-Grow Compost

Pro-Grow multi-purpose compost is made from sustainable organic materials including composted recycled green waste, bark, and forestry products. It also contains added nutrients to encourage healthy growth in a wide range of plants.

Pro-Grow multi-purpose compost is not suitable for acid-loving/lime hating plants like heathers, rhododendrons, and camellias. house and garden plants in a variety of situations. Pro-Grow multi-purpose compost requires no mixing, and is ideal for use in pots, containers, trays, hanging baskets, soil improvement, planting shrubs, and plant propagation.

Tubs, containers, and hanging baskets

Always choose a container with adequate drainage, and line open baskets with moss or a ready to use liner. Fill the containers and plant in the usual way. Water plants thoroughly and then water regularly to ensure that the compost is not allowed to dry out.

Re-potting plants

Choose a pot which is one or two sizes larger than the existing one. Partly fill the new pot with compost so that when the root ball is introduced the plant rests just below the rim of the new pot. Add more compost to fill in the space around the root ball and firm th compost lightly with the fingers to remove air spaces. Water the plant and compost thoroughly and keep out of direct sunlight until the plant becomes established.

Shrub and tree planting

Dig a hole which is twice the size of the root ball. Mix the removed soil with equal parts of Pro-Grow Multi-Purpose compost and use the mixture to refill the hole below and around the roots. Firm in and water in thoroughly. Water regularly until the plant becomes established.

Pro-Grow Multi-Purpose Peat Free Compost is available as the following options: