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  • What is the best way to order my garden products?

The easiest way to order the latest and greatest garden products is online on our website. Just add the products you need to your basket and through a few clicks of a button your order will be complete. If you would prefer to speak to one of our team then you can call on 0845 678 9955.

  • Where do I enter my voucher code?

After you have added your great value garden products to your basket, simply visit your basket and there is a box for your voucher code at the bottom of the page. Please be aware that the voucher code must be entered before you reach the checkout.

  • I’ve not received a confirmation email, what should I do?

Your confirmation email may have ended in your junk mail box. Please check there before contacting us. If you cannot see your email there please log into your account on the website and click on the ‘Orders’ tab. If your order is not displaying on this page please contact us on 0845 678 9955.

  • Where is my order?

Standard delivery is 5-7 working days during the summer months, unless otherwise stated within the product description. Please note that during periods of hazardous weather or large demand the delivery time may be subject to change. If this is the case then we will keep you informed of any revised date.

  • Do you deliver at the weekend?

Deliveries are generally made on weekdays, between 8am and 6pm. You may request a Saturday delivery before noon, although this is not always guaranteed and may result in an additional charge.

  • Do you deliver across the UK?

We deliver to 80% of UK mainland, predominantly in England and Wales. If, for whatever reason, we were unable to reach your property then we would contact you and provide a full refund.

  • What is the cost of delivery?

Deliveries are free of charge when you reach or exceed the £30 order value. Please note that this figure must be met before any promotional discount is applied. Any order under £30 will incur a delivery cost, starting at £6 for the first bag and £4 for each subsequent bag.

  • Can I return my garden products?

If you are not satisfied with your garden products then please contact us within 14 days to discuss a refund or replacement. Please be aware that the product must be returned in the original packaging and condition.


  • What vegetable seeds do you recommend for a first-time gardener?

For a first time grower, we’d recommend that you try planting runner beans. These seeds can be planted in April or May. Although they will need some type of support, they are fast growers and provide a relatively high yield for the amount of time and effort invested. Broad beans are another easy crop to get started with.

  • How do I manage a mossy lawn?

When faced with a mossy lawn there is usually a deeper problem with your garden than just this symptom. It could be that there is too much shade, there isn’t enough drainage or that the grass isn’t receiving the nutrients it needs.

Keep your lawn healthy by providing it with nutrients on a regular basis, such as a fertiliser which is high in nitrogen. Well-fed and healthy lawns will fight strongly against the growth of any moss.


  • Why should I compost at home?

Composting is one of the most environmentally friendly ways to provide your garden with the nutrients it needs. Many of the ingredients used in composts would otherwise be sent to landfill, so compost is regarded as an eco-friendly method of recycling. Compost will help improve your garden’s soil aeration and drainage, as well as provide nutrients or act as a mulch for your soil.

  • What is multi-purpose compost?

Multi-purpose compost is ideal for potting on and raising seedlings. Multi-purpose compost contains other materials such as shredded bark and fertilisers to improve the nutrition it provides to the plants.

  • Do I need any special equipment to handle compost?

All you will need is a garden fork to turn and spread the compost in the desired areas. A compost bin would be useful to store the product, but this isn’t essential.

  • Can I use compost as a mulch?

Compost does make effective mulch, as it acts like a fertiliser to the plants. We would always recommend that you try and compost on a sample area first though to avoid any damage to soft stemmed plants.

  • Is it better to put compost down in Spring or Autumn?

Spring is the best time to put compost down. As plants grow more actively in Spring they will take full advantage of the nutrients provided by compost. Using compost in Autumn may see some of these nutrients lost or washed out.