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How to get your Garden ready for Winter

Winter is drawing in, so it’s time to put the garden (or most of it) to sleep for a few months.

Read our handy tips below for some ideas on preparing your garden for winter...


  • Clear fallen leaves daily and add them to your compost pile. If left for too long, a layer of leaves can suffocate your lawn.
  • Weed the garden for the last time this year – and be sure to throw weeds directly in to the bin, not on to the compost.
  • Rake the lawn to aerate it.
  • Prepare your soil for next year by digging in compost, manure, and organic matter.
  • Add a layer of mulch to the garden. (You could even use your fallen leaves for this)
  • Remove any dead or dying plants, or any which look like they are suffering from a disease.
  • Continue to water trees throughout winter, especially young ones. They may not get enough water otherwise.
  • Stake, or surround with wire mesh any plants or young trees that may topple over in bad weather.
  • If you’re able to move young and tender plants to a covered area, do so.
  • If you can’t move delicate plants, cover them with cloth, newspaper, a cold frame, or old bed sheets at the first sign of frost.
  • Clean, dry, and store away garden tools and empty pots.
  • Clean out your greenhouse and sheds.
  • If you like wildlife in your garden, you might like to build a home for them to live in over winter. Take a look at our blog about housing hedgehogs.
  • Think about leaving out some food and water for birds.
  • Cover your compost before the snow starts to fall. If it’s in a bin, pop the lid back on, and if it’s in a heap, cover it with a groundsheet or a thick layer of straw.


Tell us your ideas below, and have a wonderful winter time!