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How to Remove Plantain from your Lawn

Plantains are perennial plants that will happily grow in most areas, and for the majority of the year. You can recognise plantain by the clump of large oval leaves, all originating from a single spot, and tall flower stalks with a green spiky looking cone of tiny flowers. Plantains are notorious for popping up in borders, flowerbeds, lawns, and even through cracks in paving.

Here we present a number of options for removing plantain. Many people prefer an organic method, but sometimes a chemical approach may be necessary, especially if the root system of the plant is unreachable.

Preventing Plantains

  • Keep your soil aerated.
  • Ensure that your lawn is full and healthy at all times.

Removing Plantains

  • The most effective way of removing plantain is by pulling it out. But make sure you get all of it. Get a shovel and dig out every last root.
  • Spraying the leaves and stalks of plantains with vinegar will usually aid in killing the plant.
  • Use herbicides. A glyphosate based solution is most effective for a mature plantain, and an isoxaben pre-emergent herbicide will stop the plantain seeds from germinating.