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The August Gardening To Do List

August Gardening Jobs

In a few months time autumn will be drawing in. We’ve put together this August gardening check list, to help you start winding the garden down in preparation for winter. August is typically a hot month, so we also need to be conscious of thirsty plants, the fast growth of grass and weeds, and of course, sunburn.

  1. Harvest away – Be sure to harvest fruit and vegetables regularly to keep them coming back.
  2. Watering – Don’t forget to continue watering your plants regularly, and deeply, rather than a quick spray over the surface. Learn more about watering the garden here.
  3. Early watering – Try to water the garden earlier in the day, allowing plants to absorb it before the sun appears and evaporates it all away.
  4. De-heading – Regularly de-heading flowers like roses, dahlias and pelargiums will help them to keep flowering well into the autumn. Be sure to remove dead flowers quickly.
  5. Plan for spring – Start thinking about and purchasing the bulbs that you want to plant for next spring. Rainy days where you can't be out in the garden are ideal for visiting garden centres, reading books and magazines and pulling together a plan.
  6. Plant for winter – Start planting autumn and winter vegetables such as green onions, carrots, beetroot, radishes, spinach, and lettuce.
  7. Get a mow on – Mow the lawn regularly, without cutting it too short. Longer grass helps retain moisture, and guards the soil from hot sunlight and runaway seeds.
  8. Saving seeds – Be sure to select whole, and healthy looking seeds for next year. Store seeds in a sealed plastic bag in the freezer, or at best, in a cool and dry place. Packets of silica gel can help to draw out excess moisture in seeds. Click here for a more in depth guide to saving seeds.
  9. Keep on top of weeds – Weeds will happily go nuts at any time of year – but in summertime, they’re a drain on your gardens moisture. When removing weeds, try and remove the whole plant including the roots to help prevent them coming back.

Summer is also the busy time for many creepy crawlies. We've put together our favourite organic pest control methods to help save your plants, and the bugs! What tips do you swear by at this time of year? Let us know in the comments below and don't forget your sunscreen when you're out in the garden...