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How to keep a greenhouse cool

It’s not only people that can get a bit overheated in the summer weather. Think about the poor plants in your greenhouse too! We’ve thrown together a few ideas on how to keep your greenhouse cool when the temperatures start to climb.


Proper ventilation is crucial in hot weather, and can also help reduce the amount of pests moving in to your greenhouse. You can use a fan in your greenhouse, although an exhaust fan is the smartest option, removing the old, stale air as it brings fresh air in. You can use a household box fan if you don't have another option, but position it so that it is blowing out of the greenhouse, as it will keep the greenhouse cool while sucking out all the stale air as it does so. This will also help avoid damage to your plants caused by the force of the fan.


Shading is best used during the hours when the greenhouse is in full sunlight. Be careful not to shade too much, or your plants will contort themselves in an attempt to reach the existing sunlight. Though you can buy proper shading for your greenhouse, you can also drape a lightfabric over it. Or even put it under a parasol if you have one big enough.


Full misting systems are often found in the US in areas where they have enough nice weather to justify one. However, if a regular watering is not enough for your hot and bothered plants, try covering the greenhouse floor with a layer of water too. It’ll evaporate away, creating a more comfortable, humid environment.