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Six Gardening Tips for Spring

Spring is here and as we welcome the longer days and lighter nights, there’s no better time to give your garden some tender loving care after winter.

Whether you’re digging out those troublesome weeds, fixing your hanging baskets or planting trees and shrubs, the start of British Summer Time is a great opportunity to reinvigorate your outdoor space.

We have come up with six tips to help you out in the garden this week:

1.)    Look after your lawn: Your grass might be moss-ridden or strewn with weeds, so you might have to start again with turfing or seeding a new lawn. If your lawn is clear of moss, cut it and make sure the blades are set high. For long grass, cut it on a regular basis but lower the blades in stages so the length is reduced gradually.

2.)    Flower power: Plant bulbs such as lilies, gladiolus and ranunculus in early spring to ensure a vibrant summer display. There are plenty of new varieties of seeds and bulbs to plant and grow at this time of year.

3.)    Fruits of your labour: March to early April is really the latest that bare-root fruit trees and bushes can be planted. Pear, apple and other fruit trees are straightforward to grow at home but if you’re short on space, buy one which won’t grow too big.

4.)    Tend to your tools: Save your pennies in the long run by cleaning or sharpening your garden tools to make them last longer. Sharper tools will give you cleaner pruning cuts and help your garden stay healthy.

5.)    Clean the greenhouse: Scrub your windows both inside and out, remove old compost and give the greenhouse staging a deep wash to reduce the chance of garden pests surviving and thriving in a sheltered area.

6.)    Start a compost pile: If you don’t have one already, start a compost pile or use a compost bin. Rake up leaves and plant debris from the garden but chop them up first to speed up decomposition. Keep turning your compost with a garden fork every month to keep it aerated.