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Using Eggshells in the Garden

1. Crushed egg shells sprinkled around plants will help deter slugs and snails. Because they have such soft bellies, they (understandably) don’t enjoy slithering over sharp things. Of course, some slugs might conquer your egg maze, but this method provides a relatively effective barrier, without the toxic chemicals present in many slug deterrents. You can also put eggshells in the bottom of pots and plants. They deter slugs and help improve drainage.

Those pesky slugs!

2. Use halved egg shells as seedling pots. You can then plant them straight into the garden. As the little plant grows, the egg shell will decompose, and help fertilize the surrounding soil.

3. Eggshells are a fantastic addition to your compost bin. They’re jam packed with minerals and calcium, and if you currently buy lime to add to your soil, just add crushed egg shells instead!