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10 Things to do in the Garden when it’s Raining

Some of us just can’t keep out of the garden. Come rain or shine, we’re itching to get outdoors and keep our hands busy, which is all well and good when the sun is out, but when it’s raining, everything is slightly more difficult, and significantly more dirty.

Here is a selection of our favourite gardening tips for a rainy day...

1. Uproot hardy weeds like dandelions whilst the soil is wet.

2. Help water logged potted plants to dry off by removing trays from under them, and placing them somewhere out of the rain to drain off.

3. If you have delicate or young plants in the garden, cover them with cloches, or move them to shelter if they’re in a pot.

4. Collect rainwater in empty bottles or watering cans to feed to your houseplants; or pop them all outside for a quick drink when the rain is gentler.

5. Go on slug and snail patrol! Check under fallen leaves, branches, and unused garden tools. You can pick off slugs by hand, or lay down deterrents such as coffee grounds or crushed eggshells.

6. Turn the compost heap. If the bad weather is persistent, cover any open topped compost bins to avoid saturation, and drowned worms.

7. Collect and dry off any seeds you want to save for next year. You can also pot up cuttings of other plants if you have a greenhouse to store them in.

8. Clean and tidy the shed, green house, or garage. You can also take this time to clean any garden tools and empty pots.

9. Draw a map of the garden and start planning for next season. Bulbs, pots, a new path? Maybe some raised beds or a poly tunnel? Think about ordering your seeds and bulbs now, ready to plant.

10. If you really can’t bear the thought of going outside, watch YouTube videos on gardening, read some gardening books or magazines, or join the many other gardeners huddled under umbrellas at your local garden centre for a wander round!

Do you brave the garden when it’s raining? If so, let us know your top gardening tips in the comments below...