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When can I move my house plants outside?

Moving your houseplants outside during the summer months can be incredibly beneficial to the plants, the fresh air and sunlight enabling them to flourish. However it’s very important not to rush the process, otherwise you may end up with a damaged, severely sunburnt or very unhappy plant!

House plantWhen to move your houseplants                            

Houseplants are best relocated outdoors during summer months, when the chance of frost has passed, and the night time temperatures are consistently 10 degrees or above.

How to move your houseplants outdoors

Begin by re-potting your plants in to slightly larger pots to enable room for growth. Use fresh potting compost which will be full of nutrients that your plants will require once they are outside. Trim any damaged or dying foliage, and shower the leaves to remove any dust that may have accumulated, and may interfere with photosynthesis.

Remember that your houseplants are not used to wind, or direct sunlight, and they must be allowed time to acclimatise to their new environment, which you can help by introducing them to the outdoors gradually. For the first few weeks keep your plants out of direct sunlight, and in a spot where they will be protected from the wind.


  • Weather. If the temperature drops below 10 degrees overnight, bring your houseplants back indoors, or move them to a warmer spot such as the garage.
  • Nutrition. Your plant will be consuming more nutrients while outside, so it’s important to both feed and water your plant more often than usual.
  • Pest control. Just like your outdoor plants, houseplants are at risk of pests once outdoors.