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Spring jobs in the garden

Spring is well and truly here, and now that the temperatures are starting to creep into double figures, this is the time that many gardeners will be itching to get out and prepare their gardens for the summer months. Whether you're a skilled or an amateur gardener, here are some great tips to help you get your outside space in tip-top condition.

Tidy your lawn

Everyone loves the smell of newly cut grass. Now that winter is over, your lawn is probably ready for a good tidy up. Now is the perfect time to dust off your lawn mower, and keep your grass mowed, and the weeds at bay. When your garden grass grows faster during the warmer months, remember to lower the mower blades to around 1 inch, and cut up to twice a week to keep it looking well-trimmed and healthy.

Plant your fruit and vegetables
As the soil is warming up, April is a great time to plant some of the popular fruits and vegetables. Remember to remove any old crops that you planted last year, before sowing fresh seeds. Strawberries can be planted out now, just plant the runners into pots and once rooted, cut the runners. Also remember that the weeds are also big fans of summertime, and they'll be springing into action, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled, and keep the compost around your fruit and veg plants rich in nutrients.

Watch the weather
Even though summer is just around the corner, it's essential that you keep a regular eye on the weather forecast. It is not uncommon for frost or unexpected snowfall to happen during April. With this year’s extended cold stretch it is especially important that you don’t leave your shrubs and plants to endure the cold. There are many cool weather crops that you can plant whilst the warm season flowers are still snuggling close to the soil. Sow some pansies and they'll add colour to your garden even while it is cold.

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