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Let’s Get Organic!

With the seasons changing there’s no better time to get your neglected garden in shape for the upcoming summer. Many of us take pride in our garden and the beautiful flowers we grow, but why not try something new in your garden which will also kick start your summer in a healthy, new and money-saving way; simply by growing your own organic fruit and vegetables.

As the UK’s bestselling vegetable, the beetroot is one of the easiest to grow. All you need is to purchase some beetroot seeds; one of these seeds will produce several seedlings saving you money on buying many.  You must ensure you have a long container in which you can sow seeds in pairs in a row, making sure the seeds are equally spaced.  Always make sure you have the best compost for your seeds.

A vegetable that most of us eat on a daily basis is lettuce, so it’s particularly ideal to grow. You can grow lettuce all year indoors and with the summer approaching you can now also grow them outdoors. Simply buy a bed or seed tray and fill it with compost, Miracle Grow Fruit and Veg Organic Compost would be ideal for this. Scatter a quarter of a teaspoon of salad seeds, water and see your beautiful crops grow.

We all love peas in the summer to add to our fresh salads so why not grow your own? It’s simple you simply need to make a shallow trench and sew the pea seeds in in three staggered rows. Grow plants up pea nettings for support.

All this planting requires good quality compost. Find yours with free delivery right here at Creative Garden Ideas.