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How to prepare Soil for Planting

How to prepare Soil for PlantingTreat your next batch of seedlings to fertile, well prepared soil and you’ll notice a difference immediately. If you normally just spread a new layer of compost over the old, spend a few extra hours in the garden this spring to give your soil the treat it deserves.

Clean up the garden

Spend some time removing any debris and weeds from the soil. Be sure to dig deep and remove the complete root system of any weeds or tired old plants. You may need to use a hand fork to liberate some larger roots. Old leaves and grass cuttings can be added to the compost pile, or set aside to lay down as a mulch once planting has commenced.

Dig into your soil

Dig small trenches to around 8 inches deep. (Or deeper if you’re growing plants with large roots, or root vegetables like potatoes). Fill in the trenches with well rotted manure or compost. We recommend Levington Organic Farmyard Manure or a general all purpose compost such as Murphy or Miracle-Gro. Digging breaks up compacted soil in the garden, helping to improve drainage, and increasing airflow, which helps organic matter break down, further increasing the fertility of the soil. If you’re short on time simply dig your chosen manure or compost into small areas one at a time. Digging is an ideal time to check again for any weeds you may have missed.

A more specialised solution for trees and shrubs is Pro-Grow Soil Conditioner, a peat free alternative to composts and manure which helps provide vital nutrients and improve moisture retention throughout the garden.

Apply Fertiliser

You can also apply a fertiliser to enriched soil if you wish. Fertilisers provide a concentrated supply of nutrients to the soil and there are a variety of different types available, from manmade liquids and powders, to organic fertilisers such as fish, blood and bone, and chicken manure pellets

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