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How to Plant Roses

With flowers blooming and Valentines day, February really is the month of love. It's also the ideal month to start planting roses, and what an appropriate flower! Read our blog post for all the basics on planting roses in the garden, and in containers.

How to grow roses

When should I plant roses?

Roses should be planted between November and February.

Where should I plant roses?

Choose a site where your roses will be in full sun for at least half of the day. They should be grown in good quality soil, so add a generous amount of compost or well rotted manure prior to planting.

Avoid planting roses in soil that has grown roses before. Either replace the soil or choose a new patch of the garden.

How to plant roses

  • When digging your hole, allow ample room for the roots of the plant, and make the hole wider than the pot the rose is currently in.
  • Add at least a handful of bonemeal to the hole.
  • Mix the removed soil with compost.
  • Place the rose in the hole and carefully shovel in the extra soil. It’s best to keep hold of the rose while you fill the hole.
  • Gently tamp down the soil around the rose.
  • Water the rose well.

Feeding Roses

Roses require regular feeding, and mulching is also a good idea. Choose organic mulch such as compost, leaf mould, or manure.

Use rose fertiliser once around March (following a prune), and again in June or July following flowering.

Watering Roses

Roses require deep watering at least once a week. Try to water them well occasionally, rather than little and often.

How to Grow Roses in Containers

Plant roses in pots at least three times their size.

We recommend the use of John Innes No.3 Compost only for growing roses in pots. Remember to feed and water potted roses regularly.