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How to Care for Your Lawn in Winter

Don't forget about your lawn this winter! Here are a few tips on helping you keep it strong until summer rolls around again...


1. Minimise foot traffic

Give your tired lawn a break, and refrain from walking on it whenever you can, especially when the weather is wet or frosty.


2. Keep it clear

Keep the lawn clear of any fallen leaves, branches, toys, or other debris to prevent suffocation.


3. Mow if necessary

Grass will keep growing, even in winter. If it gets long enough to be mowed, a light trim is all that should be required.


4. Aerate

Aerate your lawn with a fork or spiking device to allow air to reach root systems, and improve drainage.


5. Don’t forget to water

While winter is generally cold – it’s not always overly wet. Your lawn would benefit from a final watering before the frost really starts to settle in.


How do you take care of your lawn in winter?