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How to use Tomorite Giant Planters

Tomorite Giant Planters contain Tomorite, the UK’s favourite liquid tomato food, which is renowned for helping to produce large crops of full flavoured and high quality tomatoes. These grow bags are suitable for up to 3 tomato plants, and are ideal for use in small gardens or greenhouses, or wherever space is an issue.

These easy to handle bags provide all the nutrients your tomatoes need, and have added seaweed to produce even fuller flavoured fruits. Grow bags are designed to have ample space and depth, and to make watering easier. They also significantly decrease the risk of plants become infected by (and spreading) soil-borne diseases.

Levington Tomorite Grow Bag

How to use the Tomorite Giant Planter

(Instructions taken from product packaging)


Shake the bag to distribute the contents. Cut out panels along dotted lines. When only planting two plants use the end panels. Delay planting tomatoes until the first flowers open.


After planting, water in using about 6 litres (Approx 1.5 gallon) and then water as necessary to keep the bag moist. This planter requires less watering than smaller grow bags.


We recommend feeding 20ml of Tomorite in 4.5 litres (1 gallon) of water. Use 4.5 litres of diluted Levington Tomorite for most crops, use once a week for heavy feeders such as tomatoes under glass.


Avoid piercing the bottom of the bag. Train plants to fan out so that they receive maximum light and air. For best results feed with Levington Tomorite.


What can I grow in a Tomorite Giant Planter?

While tomatoes are the obvious answer, their high potash content means that Tomorite Giant Planters are ideal for all flowering and fruiting plants which do not have deep root systems including vegetables such as peppers, aubergines, courgettes, and cucumbers. See the guide below.

You may need to use a cane to support many plants grown in a grow bag.




Tomatoes – under glass


The fruit of first truss is pea sized

Tomatoes – outdoor


The fruit on second truss is pea sized

Peppers & aubergines


The fruit is the size of a golf ball



The first fruit is swelling



Picking commences

Heart Tomatoes

Tomorite Giant Planters are available to buy from Creative Garden Ideas in singles, or in a bulk deal of 26 bags, for if you really like tomatoes!

Tomorite Giant Planter

Tomorite Giant Planter x 26

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