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Our 5 Favourite DIY Fire Pits

Fire Pits add a great focal point to your garden. They also look really great, impress your guests, keep you warm, allow you to toast marshmallows in their lovely flames... the list is endless!

When we decided to write a blog about building a fire pit, we didn’t expect to find that so many wonderful designs and ideas were already out there. So instead, we’ve compiled a list of the greatest DIY fire pits from across the internet. Each article contains instructions on how to build the fire pit, and should you decide to have a go, always remember to follow the instructions and all relevant safety tips when both building and using your fire pit.

If you’d rather avoid the hassle, we supply a range of colourful fire pits, along with a huge range of fuel for all your outdoor heating. 

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1.    The Stacked Stone Fire Pit

Stacked Stone Fire Pit

Here’s a sweet and simple idea to start with. Erin Lang Norris’ stacked stone fire pit is exactly what we envisage when hearing the words. This fire pit is slightly more complicated than it looks, but would provide a very sturdy and beautiful outdoor fireplace that you’d be enjoying for years.

2.    The Pebble and Glass Fire Pit

This fire pit from Karen is simply gorgeous, although I wouldn’t dare attempt this one myself. However despite its slightly scary construction method, you could build one of these beauties for under £20. If you take the challenge, be sure to stringently follow Karen’s advice, and remember to use no other fuel than a safe gel fuel as specified.

3.    The Concrete Bowl Fire Pit

This simple, rustic design has come from bloggers, ‘Ink, Rust & Sawdust’. This lovely pit was created from a cement bowl, a wok, some bricks, and a homemade wooden stand.

4.    The Washing Machine Fire Pit

If you’re able to get your hands on an old washing machine drum, April Starr can help you turn it in to a lovely fire pit! Now this one will require a bit of hard work, and some power tools, but when you see the lovely, glittering effect created by the little holes, it really becomes worth the effort.

5.    The Wine Barrel Fire Pit

Now if anyone actually managed to build this fire pit in a safe and timely manner, we’d be massively impressed. The Barrel Fire Pit requires a gas supply, and as you can see from the photograph, has been built to a professional standard, I think we’ll just stick with admiring this one from afar.

Did you build your own fire pit? Or have you tried any of the methods above? Send us a photo and let us know how you like yours!