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Charcoal Briquettes or Lumpwood Charcoal?

When it comes to barbecue fuel, what’s important to you?

I’m going to guess that like me, you want a fuel that burns well, burns for a while, and cooks your food properly. (Let’s face it, there’s nothing more embarrassing than giving all your friends food poisoning).

Barbecue time!

Supagrill Charcoal Briquettes are designed with all this in mind, and guarantee a better barbecue experience for you and your guests. Let me tell you a bit more about why we’d rather use charcoal briquettes than lumpwood.


  1. Consistent heat – When first lit, lumpwood charcoal is very hot, but this heat rapidly decreases. The heat from charcoal briquettes is more constant and sustained, providing you with more useful cooking time, and helping you to cook mounds of beautifully even meat, and absolutely no charred burgers with frozen centres...
  2. Longer burn – Most barbecue briquettes burn for between 2 and 4 hours. (Wonder Briquettes will burn for over 4!) This is useful for cooking larger cuts of meat, higher volumes of food, and for any latecomers, and saves you the hassle of repeated refuelling.
  3. Safety – First, you’ll find it easier and faster to produce thoroughly cooked food with charcoal briquettes. Second, charcoal briquettes spit a lot less frequently, or not at all, making cooking on your barbecue more pleasant, and less dangerous.


If you’re firing up the barbecue this summer don’t forget to check out our Top 8 Barbecue Safety Tips, and our great range of barbecue charcoal!

Thanks for reading, and please tell us your fuel preference in the comments below.