Caledonian Pebbles 20-30mm - 1m3 Dumpy Bag

£184.99 per item inc VAT

The 20-30mm Caledonian pebbles along with the rest of the Gravel, slates and cobbles on the Creative Garden Ideas website are of the highest quality available on the market. Pebbles are becoming increasingly popular feature to replace or compliment lawned areas and other garden landscaping, as they offer a low maintenance and attractive alternative. The Caledonian pebbles are also ideal for pathways and even water features, as they are "Fish friendly". Pebbles are also a very popular alternative to paving and a more attractive replacement for tarmac on Britains driveways.


  • Premium quality
  • Low maintenance
  • Fish Friendly - for use in water features
  • Also ideal for: pathways, drives and ground cover.

14m2 per Dumpy Bag

IF ORDERING 1m3 DUMPY BAGS OR FULL PALLETS (50 BAGS) OF COBBLES, PEBBLES OR GRAVELS STANDARD DELIVERY WILL BE MADE ON AN 18tn RIGID VEHICLE WITH A TAIL LIFT AND A PUMP TRUCK (THIS IS NOT A CRANE OFF LOAD). Delivery will be made to the nearest suitable spot on site. This may be the nearest spot on the pavement if an unsuitable surface (e.g. gravel driveway) is present.

This product will be delivered within twenty working days.

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Standard delivery is up to 20 working days during the summer months, unless otherwise stated within the product description.

Deliveries are all day weekdays.

We will do our best to follow any delivery instructions supplied at the time of placing the order. However, our delivery service (for all products) is to kerbside only.

Delivery to anywhere else on the property is at the discretion of the driver making the delivery.

Product supplied in dumpy bags or on pallets will be delivered to the nearest suitable point on your property, which may be the kerbside. This is because these products are delivered on a pallet using a tail lift vehicle and a pallet truck and due to their size and weight cannot be maneuvered up or down inclines, or over uneven surfaces such as gravel driveways. Once delivered to kerbside it is your responsibility to move the product to where you need it and dispose of the pallet and any other packaging.

Please read our full Terms & Conditions before placing an order.

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Caledonian Pebbles 20-30mm - 1m3 Dumpy Bag
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