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6mm Wood Pellets - 96 Bag Pallet (10kg bags)

  • Premium Wood Pellets - Full Pallet - 780kg
  • Premium Wood Pellets
Premium Wood Pellets - Full Pallet - 780kg
Premium Wood Pellets
£240.00 per item inc VAT

Quality Wood Pellets

Wood Pellets are made from compressed sawdust and offer an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional house fuels. The use of Wood Pellets has experienced strong growth across Europe in recent years, even overtaking the use of heating oil for home heating in some countries. This trend is likely to continue with governments offering financial incentives, such as the Renewable Heat Incentive in the UK, to encourage the uptake of wood pellet fuels.

Our pellets are suitable for use on a broad range of wood pellet boilers and wood pellet stoves.

They contain low moisture content that allows them to burn very efficiently and produce only small quantities of ash.  What ash is produced makes a great, high quality fertiliser for your garden.

  • ENplus A1 standard pellets
  • Easy to handle bags
  • 6mm premium pellets
  • Made from sustainable UK sources
  • Low moisture content <10%
  • Low ash content <0.7%

For a full range of wood pellets visit our Wood Pellets 2U website. Wood Pellets 2U are the leading UK wood pellet supplier.

Buy wood pellets in bulk and save £££'s

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6mm Wood Pellets - 96 Bag Pallet (10kg bags)
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